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Here are a few potential applications for the extreme flexibility, strength and
shape changing abilities of ElastaMet.

Aerospace actuators for deploying booms, antennae, solar panels, etc.
Actuators for locks, mirrors, valves, fuel injectors, etc.
Single piece spring flexures instead of hinges.
High displacement constant force springs.
Vibration and motion dampeners.
High durability connectors, valves, seals and seats.
High performance switches, relays and connectors.

High performance medical devices such as stents, clot filters and retrievers, neurological probes, hyper-flexible catheter guide wires, laproscopic instruments and tools.
Consumer products such as high performance fashion eyewear, sporting and outdoor equipment, etc.

Energy absorbing safety equipment, helmets, collision protection, etc.
And any other application advantaged by large recoverable distortions, large constant force exertions, precise temperature activation and more.

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